Are amber necklaces safe?


We may have different approaches to how we want to raise our children but there is one thing we all have in common: we want the best and safest options for health and medicine products. This is especially the case when it comes to solutions for teething pain relief.  Regardless of the path you take, there are safety considerations and side effects to monitor. Before choosing any remedy for your child you should consult a professional but if you’re looking for advice about amber teething necklaces, then we have a short guide below…

Are amber teething necklaces safe?

Yes, amber teething necklaces are a safe soothing technique if you ensure that your baby is wearing them correctly. This requires that you supervise them, as you would with the use of any potentially dangerous items. Even household items can pose a choking hazard to your baby, but teething necklaces are more likely to end up in their mouths because of where they are placed. You’re welcome to explore our range of premium amber teething bracelets to limit this but it doesn’t take away the need for adult supervision at all times. Amber teething necklaces are also a safer option because they release a compound that is completely natural and unharmful called succinic acid. Succinic acid does not cause any side effects, it is simply an anti-inflammatory agent which works to reduce the source of teething pain: gum inflammation. It is perfectly safe when it is absorbed through the skin, which is how it enters the body when worn by an infant who is wearing an amber teething necklace. 

Safety tips for amber teething necklaces

At this point, we’re sure we’ve made it clear that amber teething necklaces are safe to wear, but it should be noted that you must take safety precautions. We’ll take a closer look at specific usage tips to keep in mind when your teething infant is wearing their amber teething necklace below…

  • Consistently check the necklace for damage

  • You should always check the necklace for things like damaged beads, loose beads, or other issues which could cause the necklace to become a choking hazard.  A good practice is to check the necklace before you put it on and after you take it off.

  • Don’t let your baby sleep with it on

  • As you can imagine, constantly supervising your child while they are sleeping isn’t always viable so that means it’s a good idea to keep the necklace off during nap or sleepy time. Your child shouldn’t wear amber necklaces, or any jewellery, to bed because this presents a choking hazard. 

  • The necklace shouldn’t end up in their mouths

  • You will have to supervise your child while they are wearing the necklace and make sure they’re not placing the necklace in their mouth. Although amber teething necklaces are a teething remedy, they aren’t “teethers” and it is up to you to ensure that they aren’t used that way. If you are looking for teethers, Mile Stones Amber has a dedicated teethers section for you to explore.