Can you leave amber teething necklaces on at night?

Quality-guaranteed Amber teething necklaces
are supposed to be a great soothing option that is free from side effects and artificial ingredients. This may be the best option for parents with a strong stance against other pain-relieving remedies like painkillers and who wouldn’t be? Our children are at a critical stage of growth in their infancy, and we want to do our best to safeguard a healthy and organic journey for them. Often because babies and children take a liking to them, we may forget that necklaces of any kind can be potentially dangerous without proper supervision. Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets should only be worn by infants when an adult is watching them. As you can imagine, constantly supervising your child while they are sleeping isn’t always viable so that means it’s a good idea to keep the necklace off during nap or sleepy time. 

Safety considerations when using teething necklaces

Good amber teething products can be completely safe if parents practise caution and vigilance when their little ones are curiously playing with them. This is the case with any toy or item that can be a choking hazard, but special care is required for these necklaces because your baby is likely to chew on them. While this puts them at direct risk, the risk can be easily contained if you are around to carefully watch and gently tug away when necessary. They should NEVER be worn when your baby is sleeping or in the car when an adult cannot easily see and reach the baby.

Are amber teething necklaces safe?

If you’re purchasing your necklace from a professional Australian amber product producer, the necklaces will be made shorter so that babies can’t put them in their mouths when it’s being worn. All they need to work is some body heat to release the internal property that offers anti-inflammatory effects. It’s still important for parents to supervise their children while they wear their amber necklaces to make sure they use them safely. It is also a good idea to routinely inspect the necklace to make sure that none of the beads are loose or damaged before it is worn. Here is a brief summary of basic safety precautions you should remember when using amber jewellery for children:

  • Constant supervision is key

  • It is best to let your child or baby wear amber necklaces and bracelets in an environment where you can see them and easily reach them. You may need to intervene if your baby tries to chew on them or they become loose from the jewellery string.

  • No night-time wearing

  • Your child shouldn’t wear amber necklaces, or any jewellery, to bed because this presents a choking hazard. 

  • Check for loose bits

  • Children and babies are always active, and jewellery of any kind could risk coming undone in the middle of playtime on any average day. Parents should regularly check the amber necklace for loose, broken, or damaged pieces to ensure that their child is free from any of the risks involved.