Do Amber Necklaces help with teething?


There’s nothing fun about teething for a baby even if it is an exciting development for their parents watching the buds of their children’s future toothy smiles. Teething doesn’t happen overnight and happens in a gradual manner which can be very painful for the babies going through it. It usually occurs in babies between 6 and 10 months old but what you may not know, is how to help them safely and organically manage the discomfort they will experience. There are several soothing teething products and techniques at your disposal as a parent. One infamous homoeopathic option that has been around for centuries is the use of Baltic Amber Teething Jewellery. We know that they’re infamous because there are parents hesitant about their use. To help you make an informed decision, here are some vital informative points to consider…

How do amber teething necklaces relieve pain?

The amber in amber teething necklaces is made of hardened and fossilized tree sap from places around the Baltic Sea. The dedicated teether production team at Mile Stones Amber sources all of our amber from Lithuania, a country in North-eastern Europe, the southernmost and largest of the three Baltic States. Properly sourced amber is filled with succinic acid which is the actual compound that assists in relieving inflammation. Inflammation in the gums is what usually causes the pain typically associated with teething and amber has naturally occurring properties within it to assist in managing that inflammation. This doesn’t mean that amber is a pain killer, but it is an anti-inflammatory which could assist in easing the pain that your baby experiences. If your baby’s teething pain isn’t largely caused by inflammation then the necklaces may not be as effective. 

How does 'Baltic Amber' help my teething baby?

Baltic Amber’s anti-inflammatory properties are known to help aid in the severity of teething symptoms such as swollen gums, irritability, aches, and dribbling. It also helps reduces inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach, and respiratory system. Here are some benefits that may come with its safe and supervised use on your child’s body…

  • Reduces inflammation & boosts immune response

  • Whether it is for teething or any other kind of inflammation, amber has a natural healing agent and analgesic. This is why we also make stunning amber jewellery for adults because they can also stand to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • No side effects 

  • Amber contains a compound that is also naturally occurring in our own bodies and that’s what makes it so effective at treating discomfort caused by inflammation. And you don’t need to ingest it to enjoy its benefits. All it needs is your natural body heat and your skin will naturally absorb the anti-inflammatory compound naturally without the need for invasive intervention. 

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