Do Amber teething necklaces work?

Parenting your tiny tot, while accommodating all their fundamental developmental needs, is a deeply personal journey for us all. Some of us may turn to tried and tested modern takes and some of us prefer to rely on the advice of our own mums and their traditional stance on things. One thing we can all agree on is that natural foods, products, and healthcare remedies are always the best because we all want our children to grow up healthy and happy in the most organic way. When it comes to pain relievers it may be easy to quickly grab pharmaceutical products and potions, but we strongly suggest looking towards more organic alternatives. There is a lot to explore and high-quality Amber teething necklaces are one of many avenues. We’re going to explore if they fall in line with your plans for natural teething remedies for your baby and then you’re welcome to explore our range of amber necklaces and bracelets

How does 'Baltic Amber' help my teething baby?

It is not the amber itself that does the work of relieving the pain and irritation that comes with teething. There is a naturally occurring compound within it called succinic acid and it contains anti-inflammatory properties that need body heat to be activated. This acid is what helps to reduce the symptoms that typically cause pain related to teething. The anti-inflammatory properties are known to help aid in the severity of teething symptoms such as swollen gums, irritability, aches, and dribbling. Whether they are Mile Stones Amber teething bracelets or necklaces, they can also help in reducing inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach and respiratory system.

The quality of amber is important

Baltic Amber is the fossilised resin produced from ancient pine trees thousands of years ago. These pine trees started to produce a resin similar to tree sap that over time fossilised into hard pieces of Baltic Amber in the teething products we purchase today. 

While many believe that amber teething necklaces are ineffective and a scam, there are equal cases of families saying that they helped soothe their babies during this difficult time. We don’t claim that amber is a miracle healer or that it will completely eliminate the pain your baby is likely to experience. However, the quality of the necklace also plays a role in how effective it is. That is why we also insist on offering certificate verification to our clients to give them the peace of mind they need. This is one of our amber product guarantees to customers across Australia. All we can do is advise buyers to be acutely aware of the price and the quality of the product they may be buying. If the quality of the amber is poor, the concentration of succinic acid will probably be low. 

Safety recommendations for amber teething necklaces

If you’ve decided that you are interested in the natural characteristics of amber teething necklaces, we want to leave you with some safety practices that you should consider:

  • Don’t leave your child unattended while the teething necklace is within their vicinity
  • You can consider safer options such as bracelets instead of a necklace 
  • Never allow your baby or child to sleep with necklaces of any kind