Where to buy amber teething necklaces?

Parents may be delighted at the sight of two peaking teeth in their young baby’s mouth, and they should be, but it can be very painful for the baby. This is why there is so much investment in natural teething products for babies because we know that this is a natural part of growth and we don’t want to stunt it with chemical relievers. The very first tooth is often the most painful and you may be as frustrated as your baby is in trying to manage the pain that comes with it. The first tooth is painful because it comes with swollen gums and many other symptoms. There are some routine pieces of advice on how to ease pain and it is completely up to the parent to find the one that works but there are considerations they have to take into account when it comes to Baltic amber teething necklaces. You need to take special care in choosing a legitimate company and we’ll explore exactly why below…

Things to consider when choosing where to buy your amber teething necklace

You can’t simply pick up an amber necklace from any market you walk past on your way to work. Firstly, you should be more concerned when it comes to ANYTHING you buy for your growing baby. But outside of that, amber necklaces aren’t trusted as soothing products because many people buy products sourced incorrectly and that makes them largely ineffective in soothing teething babies. We strongly advise that you research any baby amber jewellery producer you pick to make sure you are buying legit goods because that’s the best way to ensure that they are effective at helping your little one during this difficult time. These are things you should verify when buying amber teething necklaces…

  • The quality of amber is verifiable

  • The quality of the necklace plays a role in how effective it is. That is why we also insist on offering certificate verification to our clients to give them the peace of mind they need. This is one of our amber product guarantees to customers across Australia. All we can do is advise buyers to be acutely aware of the price and the quality of the product they may be buying. If the quality of the amber is poor, the concentration of succinic acid will probably be low. 

  • Sustainably sourced 

  • The highest-quality amber comes from the shores of the Baltic Sea and is known as 'Baltic Amber'. Baltic Amber accounts for over 80% of the world’s source of Amber. If you are buying amber products that claim to be sourced anywhere other than this region, then you should be extra critical of making a purchase. You should be equally critical of companies that claim that they do. Ask for verification information or otherwise before making a purchase. 

  • Properly made

  • For the safety of your child, you should also only invest in products that are properly made and durable to touch. High-quality, genuine Baltic amber products should have knots before and after each bead, as well as proper care, that ensures that the teething jewellery is durable and long-lasting. They should also be fully organic and not cause allergies.